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Used techologies

In making internet sites and applications the used technologies also play important roles. Our firm tries its best in using only quality tested and wide used technologies. We care about complying with internationally recognized standards because only in such a way it is possible to create products on high levels.

It is necessary to add that technologies are means that bring your ideas to the desired form. But even the most effective technologies in themselves cannot guarantee any success of the internet presentation. That is why we insist on perfect reconciliation of all activities proceeded in designing and progress of the websites production.


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. It is a very easy programming language that is a basic construction stone of each internet presentation. Even the most complicated internet projects are in a major part based on HTML.

Actually, HTML says the browser what way it should display the processed data. Strength of HTML, besides its simplicity, is also in the possibility to be further enlarged with the aid of stronger programming languages as PHP, ASP, JavaScript etc.

HTML is not developed at present, however, it is still widely used and its successor XHTML is derived from HTML.


The abbreviation of XHTML means the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. That language has been developed as a substitution and a successor of HTML. XHTML is stricter and clearer than HTML. Actually, it is HTML defined as XML application.

XML is a language that is a carrier of compatible information among different platforms and programs (web, wap, database...). It purposed not for displaying data but to carry them. For displaying data on internet there is XHTML.


It is a technology that provides dynamic and flexible side of internet sites. It is independent on used platforms because it is performed on the side of a server and to clients only a "clear" HTML (XHTML) code is sent. With help of that language HTML abilities are extended for many other functions as for example various conditions, cycles etc. The result is a possibility to create internet shops, editorial systems, postal clients etc. A possible connection to various databases has a great significance, too. PHP - MySQL is the most common connection.


At more difficult applications concerning data with dynamical elements as e-shop, editorial system etc., database systems are used. At present, MySOL is the most widespread relation database on internet that excels especially in its speed and stability. Its structure is formed by a system of interrelated tables where the single records are inserted in lines and columns are determining names and data types.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets^

That technology enables a central definition of unique appearance of the sites what significantly simplifies, speeds up and also makes the presentation updating cheaper. The conditions defined in CSS are automatically manifested in the whole presentation and if any parameter is changed, the changes are manifested again in the whole project without necessity to edit each single site. Consequently the total code is less difficult concerning data, faster and more effective. An important fact is that CSS provides bigger compatibility among the single browsers.


It is a quite strong client-side programming language. However, we use it rarely to revitalize presentations or where it is not suitable to use other variants.

Flash Technology^

Macromedia Flash is a technology used for creation of animated internet sites (besides others). Using that technology enables a preparation of internet presentations really on a high level with regards to the graphic design. It is especially suitable for presentations where the significant emphasis lays on the image and originality of the solution.

Flash Technology can be used also for other purposes than a graphic revitalizing of the sites because Flash hides in itself also great possibilities for programming even 2D and 3D animations.

That is why Flash can be used for internet games preparation (puzzle, cars, find&catch types), for preparation of attractive internet advertisements or also for example entertaining Christmas wishes.

SSL Security^

At present the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is one of the most used methods for security of data transfers inside internet.

SSL is a layer/protocol securing data on the transit between the application and the transport layer (TCP/IP protocol) of a net ISO - OSI model. With help of this layer/protocol it is possible to realize:

  • Authentication of a server or person digital certificates
  • Transferred data encryption
  • Securing data integrity during transfer

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